Teenagers Are Struggling GREATLY With Mental Health - Here's How We Can Fix That | Ep 67
The Tom Cole PodcastJanuary 09, 2024
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Teenagers Are Struggling GREATLY With Mental Health - Here's How We Can Fix That | Ep 67

On today's episode - I'm honored to be joined by Emer O'Donnell

Emer is a Founder of TeenReconnect and the 7Q Fast Track TeenReconnect Formula. She is a creator of the Q Pathfinder, a personalized teenage and student navigation app.
She studied Psychology at University College Dublin and after twenty years of experience working internationally with global organisations, she retrained as a Behavioural Change Coach (MSc) at Henley Business School in the U.K., qualifying in 2016. She has been working on empowering young people to live lives they love ever since.
A mother of three, she highlights that it seemed obvious to her that the world young people were now growing up in was so psychologically hard on them. They clearly needed something more to help them successfully navigate it with confidence. 
Today we sit down to discuss her new book, "Understanding Teen Stress & Anxiety" & analyze how we can go about revolutionizing the education around mental health.

Support Emer's Work: https://www.amazon.com/Understanding-Stress-Anxiety-Step-Step/dp/1738422305/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3VYBS6ABZ97Q1&keywords=emer+o%27donnell&qid=1704740430&sprefix=emer+od%2Caps%2C120&sr=8-1

0:00 - The Impact of Circulation of News 
4:30 - Disillusionment
10:15 - The Disconnect Of Parents & Children
16:00 - Connection Blockers
23:15 - The Negative Cycle
30:13 - The Story We Tell Ourselves
31:50 - Keep Them Alive Mentally
33:25 - Finding Joy
37:00 - The Joy Of Parenting
40:50 - What Have You Learned About Love 

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